At Aqurium Solutions LLC, we use the highest grade materials and manufacting processes. We are proud to use Cell Cast Acrylic material made in the USA! Cell Cast Acrylic is stronger and clearer but most importantly, it does not absorb water like extruded acrylic. Extruded acrylic weakens over time, which can lead to potential disaster. Some fabricators use extruded material to save money. This is often what you’ll get with a lower cost solution, but you have to ask yourself, “Is a few hundred gallons of water on your floor worth saving a few dollars?”

Material Thickness – Every tank we make meets material our manufacturer’s rated specification for water load. Some fabricators use thinner material to save money. This is not a place to cut corners.

Construction Method – We DO NOT use capillary cementing on our tanks as this is NOT recommended for aquariums. Some fabricators use capillary cementing to save time and money. We utilize a two part polymerization method which is not only stronger but creates a virtually invisible seam that lasts a lifetime!

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